"For with stammering lips and another tongue will he speak to this people.   To whom he said, This is the rest wherewith ye may cause the weary to rest; and this is the refreshing: yet they would not hear." Isaiah 28:11,12

For more cleansing scripture, click here.
As a Spiritual Hospitality Coach, I help you bring hospitality into your life, business and relationships by helping you embrace Scripture in a uniquely powerful, personal and meaningful way.  I'll help you deal with the hard questions so you can go on with your life and become the happy and hospitable Christian you were meant to be!

When my mother passed away unexpectedly, I went into a deep downward emotional spiral.  I managed to get through each day trying to put on a happy face but I actually was a "walking wounded."  I felt a huge hole in my heart that no one seemed to truly understand except for a small group of friends who knew my mother and knew how close we were. Even still, after a certain period of time, people expect you to move on from your grief.

As I entered the second year of what could only be classified as a depression, I knew that I had to "snap" out it but just didn't have the resolve or fortitude to do it.  At the same time,  I knew taking an anti-depressant wasn't for me. Read on...

Are You Searching for the Word?
You Know What? The Word Is Searching for You!

Especially now, people are searching not for spiritual cotton candy but for
soul-filling food.  You may have an intellectual understanding of the Word, but the depth of it somehow still eludes you. The Law of Attraction may be a universal principle, but you're finding that following "The Secret," is taking you even further  away from the Word. Plus, you're wondering if the Law of Attraction is really in conflict with your beliefs, anyway.

Moreover, for a variety of reasons many people simply are not being spiritually fed in their churches. Because of this some are opting not to go to church at all or find themselves jumping from church to church and denomination to denomination. Then when life throws them lemons, it's hard to make lemonade because there is no Scriptural foundation to stand on.

Many people wind up in a spiritual desert somewhere, knowing that something is missing from their lives but unable to connect the dots.   You want to hear the Word, but not be hit over the head with Word either, with words that only serve to condemn you rather than uplift you or words that make you feel totally spiritually deficient. This may be where you are right now.

"You have skirted this mountain long enough; turn northward." (Deut. 2:2)

It is my mission in life to turn this spiritual emptiness around for as many people as I can because I understand what you are experiencing.

The Holy Spirit has revealed to me that the only way to get out of the spiritual desert and drink true "living water" is not through "The Secret," Think & Grow Rich," "The New Earth" or countless other self-help books, seminars, and teleconferences, but through the book that forms the basis for all knowledge, the Holy Bible.

"In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God,  He was with God in the beginning. Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made." (John 1-4)

As your Spiritual Hospitality Coach, let us use the "original" manual to help you become totally equipped and fully loaded to lead the life you deserve.  Getting scripture deep into your heart doesn't have to be a struggle and neither does life.  It just requires someone who understands where you are and who can help walk you through
the process. Trust me, I've been there and I know exactly what you're experiencing. Through the power of God, I also know how to help get you from a spiritual valley into a spiritual peak through Scripture and hospitality.

If you are truly ready to take your life and/or business to the next level, and get out of the spiritual desert, then give me a call at 804-363-5721 and let's get started with a 15-minute Hospitality Chat.  Don't wait another minute to experience the richness of the only book you'll ever need.

"In My Father's house there are many mansions, if it were not so, I would have told you.  I go to prepare a place for you." (John 14:2)

Spiritual Hospitality is Waiting for You!
Are You Ready to Invite It In?

Call 804-363-5721 or e-mail for a 15-minute Hospitality Chat


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This page was last updated: November 26, 2012

Dear Paula:

It is with many thanks for your coaching services that I write this testimony.  Paula you have been such a wonderful listener and tremendous coach.  You have enabled me to search deep within to clear the clutter in my mind, emotions and surroundings.  I now have a perspective in my life and recognize my worth and rightful place. 

All my life I have given of myself to be a blessing to others.  Today I take my life back, as well as, my rightful place in earth.  It was a matter of going deep within to clear emotional pain and clean the clutter in my life, as well as, burying past issues.  It was about forgiving others and myself, making declarations and decrees, so God could establish and revelation could come.  It's done, put a fork in it.

I can recommend to others now, not to own your own problems, but rather to pray about them and call you, Paula Quick for professional coaching services. 

-Business Owner & Ministry Leader

To God Be All the Glory!  Just as I have helped this person get clarity and dominion over their lives, I can help you, too! For more of my story read on ...
Take time to visit the calmness and serenity of A Healing Stillness, based upon Psalm 46:10, "Be still and know that I am God." Perfect for when you need a "pick-me-up."  Click here for your own personal copy.
Has life given you a bunch of lemons like a lemon of a job or career? Then let the Lemonade Life Coach help you turn those lemons into lemonade! Call for free consultatiion at 1-800-889-1226 x. 542
"Salt and Light" Reflexology is a wonderful complement to coaching.  Jesus said "You are the salt of the earth" and "You are the light of the world."  This divine relaxation experience is designed to bring you closer to feeling God's presence spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically.  It is the ultimate in hospitality for your body, mind and spirit. Call me and let's talk.  For more on the benefits of Reflexology click here.

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Invite Hospitality into Your Life, Business & Relationships!

Forget the "Fiscal Cliff"

Has Life Got You Down and You're Facing A
"Spiritual" Cliff?

"Desire the pure milk of the word, that you may grow thereby, if indeed you have tasted that the Lord is gracious." (1 Peter 2:2-3)


You are not alone. This is just the enemy's way of trying to bring you down. It's now time to bring Spiritual Hospitality into your life so that you can let your light shine and be a blessing to others!

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Paula Quick at Dr. Albanese's Office
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