There were days when I felt like I had been dropped down onto the Earth (kind of like Superman) and had lost my "earthly" parents. It all felt so surreal and I felt so disconnected, even though I had many things for which to be to be grateful.

You might be asking where was the Bible in all of this? Why was I not following my own advice and guidance?

Good question! I consider myself to bet the queen of the "high vibration"  and Biblical power thinking. I am thorooughly convinced that the enemy was so determined to create a negative mental stronghold that I was not feeding myself with the spiritual nourishment and reinforcement that I needed. He knew that if he could separate me from the Word that I would weaken -- and I did.  Over a period of time, those Biblical words were just not "coming to life" for me although I knew that's where the "secret" was.

Then one day, after a long period of not returning her phone calls, I called a long distance spiritual friend who knew about the sometimes contentious relationship my mother and I had. From our conversation, she knew that I was uncharacteriscally  "down in the dumps" and made reference to how I used to "glisten" and make such a positive impact on people.

Suddenly, a light started to shine as I hadn't realized what an impact I had had on people -- even on this particular person.

Oddly enough I had heard an especially inspirational message from Joel Osteen the week before so now I was beginning to connect the dots. I have a gift, I must let my light shine. I must try to help other people who are spiritually lost and get them to truly embrace the scriptures for scripture, in my opinion, is the only sure weapon to win the famous "battlefield" of the mind.

If you feel lost, separated from the Word and unable to kickstart yourself out of a slump, you don't have to spend two years trying to get back to your old self like I did.  Let the Word of God serve as a flashlight, guiding you from the darkness into a beautiful light.

Together we will make the Scriptures come to life for you for the rest of your beautiful life to come.

A special thanks to my friend and to Joel Osteen.