The Benefits of Personal Life Coaching
"Your ears will hear a voice behind saying, "This is the way. Walk in it," when you turn to the right, and when you turn to the left."
Isaiah 30:21.
Hiring a life coach is one of the best investments you will ever make.  Coaching is an investment in yourself. While no one needs coaching, anyone can benefit from it if they choose it for themselves. When you enroll with a coach, it shows that you value yourself enough to invest in a process that will help you become who you are more quickly.


Coaching provides a soft place for you to land while you establish new goals and work toward them with a totally objective partner.


Of course you can do that.  BUT, coaches work with clients that need and want a non-biased and objective partner who also will hold the client accountable. I will genuinely appreciate, endorse and support you throughout the process.

In the Coaching Relationship, the Client, among other things:

- Sets the agenda or topic for each session

- Is responsible for his/her own success

- Does his/her own work

- Tells the truth to the coach

- Shows up physically and energetically to the session

The Coach's Role, among other things, is to:

- Listen deeply to the client on multiple levels

- Ask powerful, direct questions

- Assist in setting goals, planning and strategizing

- Give perspectives, options, and suggestions to create awareness and catalyze the client's own solutions

- Set appropriate boundaries.

The Coach Does NOT:

- Diagnose, treat, or fix

- Take responsibiity for the client's success

- Do the client's work for them

- Take responsibility for the client's feelings, decisions or actions

- Continue a coaching relationship that is not in integrity for either party.

How Long Will Coaching Take?

In traditional coaching, the client typically commits to a minimum of three months to experience the best results. However, I am available for and enjoy emergency and short-term coaching.


Coaching brings results in areas where you might have spent years waiting for something to happen or trying, unsuccessfuly to bring about a difference on your own. Working together, with commitment on both sides and adherence to the actions, you set for yourself, you will win!

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Life coaching is a co-creative relationship built upon the premise that we can all be more than what we are with God's help. It is about discovering and actualizing our full potential. During the process you discover what you want and what has held you back. We will work together to change any limiting beliefs and take the steps to get you where you want to be. Coaching is a holistic process which can cover any aspect of your life.

Coaching is not psychotherapy and as a professional coach I do not attempt to provide diagnosis or treatment.  We will be talking about where you are NOW not rehashing the past
This page was last updated: November 27, 2007
" I will look on you with favor and make you fruitful..." (Lev. 26:9)