"How to Hear the Voice of God" Life Coaching Session   ($65)

How can you hear the voice of God? Is it a thump on the head?  A vision? A whisper in your ear? For years I struggled to hear the voice of God, sometimes on track, sometimes not (or so it seemed) But at last, I have learned the real secret of hearing his voice, and it's not as difficult or mysterious as you may think. I am honored that I can now help YOU tap into that "still, small voice."

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One Hour "Spiritual Hospitality" Life Coaching Telephone Session     ($75)

Grab a hold of that lemon and squeeze the juice out of it to turn your testy situation into a tasty life lemonade during this personal one-on-one 60-minute phone call.  Great for when you are facing a big, hairy Giant.  You'll walk away feeling refreshed, renewed and rejoiced!  You're an overcomer and more than a conqueror!

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Thirty Minute "Mental Makeover" Life Coaching Telephone Session   ($45)

Have you ever wanted to talk to someone who could tell you without bias to "Stop, Hold or Go" regarding an idea, a plan, a move, a thought?  Great for getting some quick clarity on an issue.  Ideal if you need just a quick consult and are limited on time or budget.  You'll walk away with a fresh and invigorating insight, transformed by the renewing of your mind! Equivalent to a 30-Minute Spiritual Makeover.

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Private Hospitality Suite Life Coaching Telephone Sessions   ($125)

Up to three 20 minute calls per month. Think of these as "Spiritual Shots" and Anti-Aging Coaching Serum for your most pressing issues.

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Forget the "Fiscal Cliff"

Has Life Got You Down and You're Facing  A"Spiritual" Cliff?

How to Hear the Voice of God - $65

Life Coaching Intensive - What Do I Really Want? 3 hrs. - $250

Private Hospitality Suite   - up to three 20 min. calls per month - $125

The 30-Minute Mental Makeover - $45

EFT/Emotional Freedom & Healing - one hour - $65

While it is not required, it is recommended that you engage in three months of coaching for maximum benefit. All packages are paid for in advance, but may be cancelled at any time with one month's notice. These packages are meant for people on a limited budget who still want an experience of one-on-one coaching but do not require deeper work.

Life Coaching Intensive

What do I really want? Ask - Align - Allow

$250 for 3 hours scheduled at your convenience

3 Months "Spiritual Hospitality" Coaching

$150 per month (3  one-hour sessions per month)

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6 Months "Spiritual Hospitality" Coaching

$125 per month (2  45-minute sessions per month). Includes e-mail support.

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Creating A Spiritual Sanctuary in Your Home

$125 for 2 one-hour sessions - let the spirit of your home flow according to the Scriptures.

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EFT/ Emotional Freedom & Healing

$65 for one hour to neutralize negative emotions

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Reflexology is one of the most relaxing things you can do for stress and anxiety. It is absolutely
rejuvenative for the mind, body and spirit!

$65 for a one-hour session

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Still not sure if you want to do coaching with me? Call for a no-obligation 15-minute Hospitality / Rejuvenation Chat at 804-363-5721.


   "After one of my reflexology sessions, I was so incredibly relaxed that it was difficult to describe the sensation. Days later, it dawned on             me the last time I felt that serene was in church years ago. A feeling of anointment. A feeling of complete serenity."

   Thank you, Paula

   Richmond, VA

  "I just finished my reflexology session and I feel like the day didn't happen.  That was SO relaxing!
  Richmond, VA

If you are facing any of these "bittersweet" situations, then we may be a perfect match! Call me at 804-363-5721 to arrange for a 15-minute HOSPITALITY CHAT!

- You're struggling to hear the voice of God

  - You need to make a major decision in a short period of time that
will affect your life forever

- You're trying to decide your next career move - change companies? start a business?
re-enter the workplace?

- You have a speaking engagement coming up but you tremble at the thought of
public speaking

- You're grappling with religion and spirituality but desire a
personal relationship with God

- You've run out of creative ideas for your project or business and need a fresh perspective

- You want to discover your life's purpose

- You want to create a beautiful sanctuary in your home based upon Biblical scriptures versus Eastern Feng Shui

-You have no clue
This page was last updated: November 26, 2012
If any of these scenarios describe your current situation, then you have a divine appointment to be reading this at this time!
"Paula Quick has been a wonderful Coach and addition to my network of professionals.  She has the unique ability to evaluate any business situation.  However, one of her most important talents is helping me decipher the most critical facts to consider before making a decision.  Since working with Ms. Quick this year, our business has become more successful with less effort allowing me to fulfill a balanced professional and personal life."  

Business owner
Richmond, VA

"It is an honor for me to recommend Coach Paula Quick to those seeking her services. After many years in the professional world working with Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 companies, Paula made a conscious decision to follow her spiritual path and live a life of service to her clients. A highly skilled practicitioner of Reflexology, she is equally adept at "listening beyond the words" to ascertain a client's core issue and brilliantly coach them to mastery of their self-chosen goals. I highly recommend Paula's services. I have not hesitated to call upon her for insight and wisdom. Paula is a one-of-a-kind highly educated, multi-skilled, accomplished woman. She has my deepest respect and admiration."

Brenda Murphy, MA (Ph.D. abd)
The Georgia Centre for Parental Coaching
Loganville, GA (Metro Atlanta)

"You're a wonderful coach, thank you!"

JW - Business owner
Richmond, VA

I can't thank you enough for the help you have given me,  The focus that you have given me has really helped me move in the direction I want to go.  Getting me to set goals has also been a great boost to my confidence..

I took the test Monday and passed. Yeah!  Also ...after the exam my phone rang.  It was a customer looking for some work to be done.  Yesterday was about as good as it gets.


Business Owner
Richmond, VA

Ms. Quick's reflexology appointment was as relaxing as it was informative.  As an always-tense person, I was impressed at the effectiveness of the treatment, and at Paula's professionalism.  (I even dozed off - something unheard of for me!)  At the end of the session, she shared her observations as to what my feet had "said" to her about the rest of my body.  Unreservedly, I recommend you indulge yourself in Paula's reflexology chair.

Randy Bellet, Systems Analyst, Venture Capitalist

Many thanks again for your excellent coaching! You helped me achieve a renewed vision for what my ministry can be.

New York

I never realized that there was such a thing as a "business coach,” someone who would take the time to learn and understand my business and identify the critical parts to help me determine a business solution.  Paula assisted me on a personal level which was beneficial to my business on a professional level. She provided several practice worksheets for me to refer to in the future as reference documents.  Most importantly she listened to me and I knew that her main objective was to truly help me have a successful business.  She is AWESOME, simply the best, and I would recommend her to everyone.

Business owner
Richmond, VA