What do I Know About Life's Lemons?  Plenty!
I have lived an abundant life. At the same time, I've also had some lemons tossed my way:  losing a beloved Father who passed on way too young at age 59; a relationship that I thought would last forever go down like a sinking ship without a trace; having to make a life-altering decision to leave that proverbial  "6-figure job with benefits" for that uncertain, yet exciting terrain known as entrepreneurship; suddenly taking full-time care of a sickly parent while getting a new business off the ground.
But you know what?  I LIKE lemons! So when I go to a well-known national chain restaurant and order the Pink Lemonade, I order it with colorful Grenadine and extra, extra lemons. The result?  I have a creative, beautiful and delicious concoction!
You may have a bowl of lemons in front of you and don't know what to do with them.  What is that special ingredient that will turn them into a nice, sweet-tasting lemonade for you?
My name is Paula Quick and I am a Certified Life Coach through the Coach Training Alliance as well as the Professional Christian Coaching and Counseling Academy. I have additional training in many other areas, as well.  Through one-on-one coaching I can help you turn your lemons into lemonade taking a the spiritual approach of being more hospitable to yourselt.  It is my passion to help others live the life that God intended for them and I would love to help you on your journey to self-actualization and success.

I specialize in coaching solo and small business entrepreneurs who are seeking to enhance  spirituality in both their business and personal lives.

I also have a soft spot for entrepreneurs taking care of aging and elderly parents because I know what it is like to feel that tug of war between parent and business that only someone who has been through it can understand.

God has been preparing and equipping me all my life to be able to step into this place of helping others overcome the burnout and the stress that comes with caregiving, specifically amongst those who are entrepreneurs. And I give him all the honor, the glory and the praise! Let me help YOU!

This page was last updated: June 18, 2009
I Can Help You with Your Lemons, Too!
Paula Quick, Spiritual Hospitality Coach, shows Fruit of the Spirit at "Blooming Gardenia" health expo in Virginia.
Call for Complimentary Coaching with Paula Quick, The Lemonade Coach. Shown here in the office of Albanese Chiropractic during Customer Appreciation Day.
Passing out hand-painted gratitude stones at talk entitled, "Ready. Set. Relax." at Classes for You in Richmond, Virginia
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